Een bescheiden selectie van publicaties en artikelen die ons zijn opgevallen en de moeite van het lezen waard zijn:

Artikelen (op jaartal)


B. Mandel, Arts/cultural management in international contexts, Universitätsverlag Hildesheim, 2017.
Research on the views of arts/cultural managers around the world regarding their profession, working conditions, current challenges, required competencies, and training opportunities.

Loney Abrams, Is Corporate Patronage the Art World’s Saving Grace? Red Bull Arts’s Max Wolf on Branded Alternatives to the Gallery Model, The Art Newspaper, 7 January 2017.

Birgit Donker, Het is de kunst die ons allen verbindt, Trouw, 25 January 2017.

Loney Abrams, Meet the Dealer: Buenos Aires’s Piedras Gallery Loves Bizarre Exhibition Strategies Almost As Much As Partying,  The Art Newspaper, 10 February 2017.

Will Fenstermaker, The Art of Art Insurance: A Practical Guide for Artists, Galleries, and Collectors, The Art Newspaper, 11 April 2017.

Anna Louie Sussman, How Galleries Support Their Artists, Artsy, 18 April 2017.

Anna Louie Sussman, Thaddaeus Ropac On Why Global Galleries Aren’t in Artists’ Best Interest, Artsy, 27 April 2017.

Casey Lesser, As Young Galleries Seek Alternatives to Art Fairs, a Promising Solution Has Emerged, Artsy, 22 June 2017.

Isaac Kaplan, When Collectors—Not Curators—Dictate Art History, Artsy, 29 June 2017.

Anny Shaw, In the wake of a wave of closures, galleries are adapting to survive, The Art Newspaper, 13 July 2017.

Margaret Carrigan, How These Small Galleries Are Surviving Despite Wave of Closures, Artsy, 21 July 2017.



Sarah Douglas on Lisa Cooley closing her gallery: “This morning, Cooley spoke with us about some of the reasons for her closure, saying that, due to recent changes in the art world and art market, running a gallery of her size “is not a sustainable business right now.” To read the whole article, Art Newspaper, 29 August 2016 

LISTE Director Peter Bläuer on what gallerists do for the artists: “we have a lot of artist-run spaces. But the difference is that they don’t represent the artists. It’s a very different concept—they’ll show an artist, but they don’t represent them, they won’t show them a second or third time, and the don’t make the connections to museums.The gallerist has a different profile. He’s the manager of an artist. I think the way it works is that the young gallerists go to the artist-run projects to look for new artists, but, in the end, the artists would like to be represented, and it’s still the gallery that does this work.”
Read the whole article at Artspace here.

Cristina Ruiz, When artists and gellerists part company. The Art News Paper. 12 April 2016

Code of Ethics for art galleries, 2016, Written by a committee of three members of the Board of Directors of Le Comité Professionnel des Galeries d’Art: David Fleiss, Benoit Sapiro et Philippe Valentin.

Download in English | Download in French
The purpose of this Code of Ethics is to specify the rights and obligations of art galleries and dealers. It defines the professional relations with artists and an artist’s successors in title, presents relations with buyers and sellers, and relations between confreres.The stipulations are based on the applicable legislation, case law and regulations. They are also based on accepted common practice within the profession, respecting the interests of each person. Galleries that belong to the french Professional committee of art galleries act in accordance with their legal obligations and undertake to com- ply with this Code of Ethics.

Marc Spiegler, Ten questions all gallerists should be asking themselves now. The Art Newspaper 29 January 2016

José Da Silva, London’s emerging galleries host exhibitiors from abroad. The Art News Paper. 15 January 2016

Melanie Gerlis, The price is right? Galleries would rather not say, The Art Newspaper, # 275, January 2016


Edward Winkleman, Selling Contemporary Art. How to navigate the evolving market, Allworth Press, 2015

Birgit Donker, Prachtig! En nou de kunst van nú graag, NRC Handelsblad, 22 september 2015

James Tarmy, Why do so many art galleries lose money?, Bloomberg, 30 juli 2015

Berta Sichel / Blake Gopnik, How is the proliferation of art fairs changing the business?, El País, 22 februari 2015

Judd Tully, Can the Single-Venue Gallery Survive?, BlouinArtInfo, 26.10.2015


Harald Falckenberg, Tips for a Gallerist: On Galleries as Commercial Enterprises, Texte zur Kunst ‘The Gallerists’, Talking Galleries, december 2014

Alan E. Katz, Do I really need a Consigment Agreement?, Art Business News, 19 september 2014

Una Meistere, “We don’t sell art, we place it”, An interview with Thaddaeus Ropac, Artterritory, 08 september 2014

Anthony Haden-Guest, New York Dealers Discuss the Future of Galleries, Part One, ArtNet, 13 juni 2014

Anthony Haden-Guest, The Future of Commercial Art Galleries, Part Two, ArtNet, 20 augustus 2014

Nicholas O’Donnell, Reactions and Reviews of “Art Fairs: An Irresistible Force In The Art World?” At Sotheby’s Institute Last Week, Art Law Report, 02.06.2014


Publicaties (op alfabet)

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